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The Undine mines are a place few exiles know about or go because it’s only open during certain times. While I can’t remember the exact way there. It full of many twists and turns. I hope to be able to navigate there on my own.

On my first trip there, Leinis led me, Fafnir, Gremlins and Hel there. There were many undine in the area but nothing we couldn’t handle:

The next day, Tafari wanted to go. So, we grabbed Azel, Osito and Fafnir.

I tried ot sketch the way there after the maze:

We encountered light resistance on the way. Azel had never been here:

But soon we reached the ladder to the river:

And we found a good number of Undine waiting for us:

At first it was a standard hunt. Just Corpse Knights and Corrosive Corpses:

But soon:

Things went south.

But luckily our healers survived, and we triumphed:



Yesterday Trools invaded South forest. We had to do something about it. so we beat them all the way back to Trool town and after a long battle we got to the heart of the matter with T’goth.

T’goth didn’t agree.

We tried more negotiations. And told him we’d leave if he gave Aelyse pants. But T’goth wouldn’t agree.

He then proceeded to tell us about his favorite recipes:

We tried more reasoning.

T’goth said we’re uncivilized and don’t deserve pants.

So we left with a warning we’d be back for pants for Aelyse.

I am absolutely wowed by the quality of Kisa’s artwork. She’s been kind enough to let me use it in promoting the game in the past. If you haven’t checked out her sketch book, scroll down for the link and check out her work. It’s really great.

BTW, If you’re a friend and an artist of any type (Musician, Painter|Drawer, Sculptor, etc.) and have a site let me know. I love linking friends sites. Especially if you have a weblog.

I sat in my virtual town for a while today while I read the Sentinel. After about half an hour, we had 3 or 4 people on for a “quick trip.” As we ventured deeper into the glenn, more and more people started coming on, so we invited them as the logged on. We ended up with about 10 people in our party going to the Mountain Glen. It was funny considering when I logged on at about 3PM (Pacific) there were barely 10 people on.


We started really strong — the party consisted of Noivad, Geo, Tafari, Shadowfire, Nyla, Quinix for fighters and Hex, Tsune, Aelyse and Veer for healers. With 4 upper level fighters and 3 upper level healers we easily made it to the main boss with no only one close call.

I then made the mistake of entering the bosses lair without unequipping my weapon. I got pulled into a few fairly strong creatures that damaged me enough so that running out, luck hits, the pull of the boss and such made me fall. I thought “no biggy, the party will just have to do without me. I’ll wait here calmly, and let them know to lure and get me.” But before I could fire up ICQ, Geo came in and fell trying to chain me. :( So, that left our party without pathfinders to let the party out in case of trouble. And trouble there was. No one filled me in on the details, but with no PF and things auto-luring from the bosses snell, the party was doomed. The hunt ended in tragedy when a few poor strategic and tactical decisions got everyone killed. In the future pathfinders need to stay in reserve just in case the party needs to retreat.

Luckily no one was upset, and everyone decided to depart. After I was invited to hit the Barrens and Mausoleum, but my battery was going to be dead soon, and it was cold outside the cafe. So, I logged off and reflected on my adventures. I realized even after all these years CL can deliver some decent amount of excitement with the right crew and the right challenge.

This dead horse just keeps running. Although the same can’t be said for the party that went to the Glen today.

Recently a small business owner came to me asking me what I’d recommend for printers. After talking to him about his needs, I recommended the HP CP2025dn because he wanted to go with HP and Color Lasers are significantly cheaper than they used to be.

I also looked at Lexmark’s C544dw which has a few features, such as wireless printing and the ability to be directly connected to the USB bus if needed. Personally I would have gone with the Lexmark since it also features a superior 1200×1200 DPI resolution. But he likes HP’s service. The Xerox 6280DN looked good too though but the wireless printing option was $200 on top of the $450 price tag putting it above the $300-$500 target price I gave him.

He asked about inkjets, but he’s printing a few hundred pages a week, meaning his consumable costs are significant. Besides that fact, he’s running a small business and color laser looks so much more professional than inkjet unless you print on expensive paper.

All in all I gave him the option of going with Lexmark — I wouldn’t have felt right not mentioning what I consider a superior product for only $100 more.

Welcome to my blog. This is for extended posts that won’t fit neatly in 140 characters or less.

Shift: so I think I am getting the hang of this blogging thing. Odd to spout off on whatever you want to with no limits or rules. It is very liberating. Like that previous sentence was a fragment, but who cares? (yes, I know any teacher or grammarphiliac would care.) See? I can even make up words even though there might already be a perfectly good word that does the exact same thing!

but meh… I decided to keep this templates post for fun. Interestingly enough “Hello world” is a kind of programming staple in the industry and stuff. But you don’t care, and if you do then you just might like or hate this blog.