All posts for the month December, 2009

My Mom just got a brand new iMac as a Xmas present and it kicks ass. There’s one problem though: The Magic mouse, while cool, has one fatal flaw: Its wireless is fine, even the trackpad top is fine, arguably. The problem? The optical sensor is almost at the very front edge of the mouse. It makes “the claw” with nudges left or right not work. Once more it makes mouse ups to the edge of the mouse pad not work when the optical sensor goes over the edge of the mouse pad! Boo on Apple for getting so much right and utterly failing at optical sensor placement. :(

Today I found Fundin out of the library, so in the tradition of PAG, we made an impromptu book 1 run!

We made it there it record time and took PC1 in one attempt after have althea run the crimson, pitch and other arachnoids.

It was a very fun trip — unfortunately I discovered that I had completed book 1 and needed book 2 when we got there!

Fry’s has 2TB Seagate drives for only $150 right now! If only I had a disposable income.

Oh well, they’ll be $99 commonly next year.

I also found the Samsung CLP315W printer for $149, the same model that I got my sister last year for less than that at Office Depot. Thing is now newegg’s site is down and I can’t link it. Did new egg implode? The lowest price anyone else has it at is $229, new. I mentioned the CLP315 before, and I read the review at C|Net. It only got 3 Stars there so as far as Laser Printer go it’s only okay, but compared to inkjet’s a slow laser jet with okay output isn’t bad for $149.

I’m also looking at SD cards. This Apple KB Article details that an SD card can be used for booting up OS X! 32GB SD Cards, here I come. In an emergency one of these would be handy. I added 2 of these to my Amazon Wish List — more like “Pipe Dream list.”