All posts for the day August 22nd, 2010

  1. Destroid: Bird of Prey
  2. Pulse Legion: The Fear
  3. OhGr: Solow
  4. Velvet Acid Christ: Lysergia
  5. In Strict Confidence: The Darkest Corridors
  6. Wumpscut: Crown of Thorns
  7. Sleepwalk: Anger Inside
  8. Rotersand: Don’t Know
  9. Funker Vogt: Compulsions
  10. OhGr: maJiK
  11. Ayria: Blue Alice
  12. HexRx: My Eyes Are Red
  13. Covenant: Final Man
  14. Apoptygma Berzerk: Coma White
  15. Blutengel: Engelsblut (Fallen Angel Remix)
  16. Beborn Beton: Another World
  17. Fictional: Blue Lights
  18. Aesthetic Perfection: The Siren
  19. Project Pitchfork: (Mehr Als) Der Absprung