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Another day, another step toward world domniation!

Right now I’m planning out all the features I want **** to have and I’m thinking of scrapping one or two for now just to get the site off the ground sooner, but I’m having a hard time justifying it since I want it to be a one stop shop for all things *******.  All I know is that I’ve done a tiny bit of research and no one has as complex, interconnected system as I’m planning, nor do any of the sites come close to delivering what I’d want in a **** site.

There are already a few sites out there delivering this service, but none that actually help you target what you want to get out of it, so they’re IMO infinitely less usable.

Anyway, I’m probably going to roll my own ratings system for the comic book site (DHOWM), which I encourage everyone to find and check out. I’d post the link but we only have a handful of items in the DB at this time. (And by handful, I mean almost 100). And unfortunately, I it’s against the AdSense TOS to encourage people to click the links, or for me to click the links myself, but I have my fingers crossed that people will find Dave’s House and click the advertisements because they’re honestly interested in the ad content. If you know me well enough you know I’m pretty anti-advertisement, but hosting and domain registration costs aren’t paying for themselves. So, Ads it is!

I’m working for myself!

Well, I was at my friend Anna’s the other night, and she’s just this little ball of entrepreneurial energy and for some reason whenever I hang out with her I get these great ideas for website that no one has made.

So, last night at her house I actually wrote down everything I thought of, and registered a great site name. I’m drawing up the DB schema (for those of you that know what one is), and planning out feature sets as I write this*.

Meanwhile on the comic book site front. My associate, and really good friend, approved the last idea I had at Anna’s — actually it was kind of her idea — Advertisements for the page. I signed up for google AdSense yesterday afternoon, and got approved last night! My hope is that AdSense will generate enough revenue to offset my yearly hosting and registration charges, but who knows. We only have about 100 books in the database, and I’m still working on the feature set for the site. I just got accounts working after having a hold up thanks to me not including a very tiny, but very vital piece of information/code in the registration page. I even got reCAPTCHA working on it so hopefully there will be no spam on the site.

Ok I sense you non-techies nodding off. So I will finish by saying: “Screw Working for the Man! Imma be the Man!”

(*I know I can’t possibly write this post and write out my plans at the same time but humor me!)