All posts for the day January 5th, 2011

The Comic side of is pretty much done. I just need a few graphics and that’s that. As I start to think about what I want and find out what Antny wants on the Movie side, I’ll build this part with a bit more planning than the comics side. The comics side rocks and all but it was a very organic process, with each feature adding and enhancing others.

I’ve gone back over some of the earlier code that I wrote and wondered what I was thinking. But then I realized I didn’t really know what I was doing, so I had html output in the first and second controller I made when I should have just passed back arrays. I fixed all that though when I built the Rating and Review controller and related pages. Also, I read up a bit on security and added a bit more of that too. Hopefully, I won’t get hack3d. As I get more familiar with attack vectors I’ll tighten everything up even more. But just in case I’ll be backing up almost nightly, and maintaining files offline in case I need to restore anything.

But enough worry. Time to play a bit.