All posts for the day January 25th, 2011

Well, In my last post I thought I was pretty much done with the comic site, but then I got an idea…. It requires the rescripting of some bits here and there to work. I’m regretting early design decisions I made for the sake of speed realizing I’m going to have to go back and scrap/rewrite/modify/refactor perfectly working code for somethings that’s β€” gulp, hate the buzz word β€” “Scalable.”

It was a really early data format decision that led to this, but luckily I didn’t affect the database structure. I just have to go back and insert a new value. That’s all…. gulp!

What I’m really worried about is that by “patching” this: I’ll see a better way to do the whole thing and “BAM!” 10 more things are added to “THE LIST.” THE LIST I’ve found never is finished because as I examine past novice mistakes and rewrite them I come up with another way to do the same thing more efficiently. For example: Affiliations List and Directory Addition with the Artist List could have been the template for the Powers List. And the Powers List is the elephant in the room no one will acknowledge.

from THE LIST: *Refactor the Powers List (priority medium/complexity medium) Purpose: Neither Anthony nor I are actually using it because it’s too unweildy. I need to make powers something that has a list of basic powers, then have expansions upon it where you can create new sub-powers or powers specifics.

What we did was try to think of all the powers characters have, then categorize them and list them. Instead what we should have done is develop all the categories: Physical, Mental, Magical, etc., then allow us to fill in the blanks with real world examples of those powers on-the-fly.

But I’m getting too specific for a blog post. Suffice it to say, I need to learn design patterns and how to think more like an Object Oriented Programmer.

UPDATE: in case you’re wondering why it hasn’t been updated, my colleague now has a baby boy to take care of, and I have bigger fish to fry. So, the site will probably be a cobweb site, and an example of what I can do.