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Perspective is the ability to step back from one’s self. And evaluate what you have from an outsider’s point of view and really see where you are. Quite literally one of the dictionary definitions of the word perspective is: “true understanding of the relative importance of things.” It’s the fact that realizing that everything is relative, that helps one see where one is truly at.

If I ask someone where they are and they are standing next to me, they might say, “I am here.” But that informs no one without context — but context is what a lot of people forget to include when they’re looking at their situation. It’s really easy to interpret a person’s physical presence from the word “here” because we naturally synthesize the information at our disposal: what we see, hear, feel, etc. in short: their entire environment.

But what a lot of people fail to do is to take synthesize all the things that affect them and take everything into account when the look at what they consider a bad situation. What’s even worse is when some people think they have all the information, and make decisions without thinking of what they might be missing, or things that they are taking for granted and not including in their decision making.

I find it useful to step outside myself, which means setting my personal feelings aside for a minute and looking at myself from what someone else might see. Just that act of looking at your actions or situation from what it must look like to someone that doesn’t understand everything you know helps tremendously. It clarifies and crystalizes things you might not even realize about your situation and even yourself.

So, the next time you find yourself in a crappy situation with someone, take a step back and look at it from a different perspective, and see if your situation is as bad as it seems. Often people I see complaining about what is essentially a problem  that person created himself/herself, either out of thin air or by doing things to rub people the wrong way.

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Well, after they closed out my account last year, I’m back on LinkedIn. The reason my account was closed is simple: they deactivated my account when someone else’s DB was compromised and they thought my password might be the same as the other site. I refused to change my password, since it wasn’t the same as the other site. So, they said they wouldn’t let me back in to my account until I changed the password. I told them, “Fine, I won’t be logging in then.”

So, flash froward to a few months back and I’m applying for several positions and some of them allow LinkIn resumes — which would save me a lot of time, and allow people to see more than the small glimpse that fits on one page.

So, I’m back, and updating my profile. I talked to a friend who pretty much reviews resumés all the time. And she gave me some advice that doesn’t fit on one page. So, I listed all the things I could think of that I’ve done as skills.

So, if you’re reading this from LinkedIn. Welcome. Ignore all the posts about cats! ;)