All posts for the day December 22nd, 2011

When I was in college I seriously considered pursuing double BCA and CS degrees. I had already gotten into the impacted Broadcasting program and adding Computer Science would have been easy. I took a few CS classes and was going to apply for double major status, but then cold hard reality hit.
My father, who paid for my first year could no longer afford to support me, and college loans only covered part of my expenses. He moved down to the Los Angeles area and I decided to stay in the Bay Area. I had to drop the non-essential classes and take part time jobs to support myself.
I realized that while computer technology was always evolving, communication techniques were practically set in stone. Also, if I dropped BCA, I might not be able to get back in if the situation changed. So, I dropped the CS classes.
A few years ago I looked into reapplying for a second degree after graduating only to find my state college was no longer accepting applications for second degrees. Due to budget cuts if I wanted a CS degree I would have to find a school in the Bay Area. Easy enough right? Wrong. All the schools I considered were too expensive.
So, I decided to continue educating myself and eventually work myself into a position where I could pick up a CS degree. I did attend a vocational school for a hefty fee, but fell short on my certifications goals thanks to splitting my time 3 ways.
Every few years I look into my finances and my former college’s admissions information. When both allow I will go back and get the degree I should have walked out the door with. Had I known about the future closure of secondary degree openings I probably would have just stayed in school. But when I graduated I had over year’s worth of units beyond the graduation requirements.