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  1. Hey Noivad,

    Great article! However they did add one pretty significant feature (on top of the already excellent Assistive Touch that I use all the time) – Integrated Siri voice-to-text dictation. This should be quite an improvement over the excellent Dragon Dictate app. That app works pretty well but requires extra steps to get the text you dictate into other apps. Obviously a big deal for people with mobility impairments, like myself.

    I went with the 64GB Wi-Fi (Black) version. This will replace my 1st Generation 16GB Wi-Fi one which will become my Dad’s first ever computing device. Like you I don’t care about 4G LTE. I almost never use my iPad anywhere where there isn’t Wi-Fi and on the very rare occasions I’m in a no Wi-Fi zone and need to check something on the internet I have my iPhone (with its $15/month data plan). I know a number of people who have iPads with 3G and they never activate the cellular data. It’s just too expensive, especially considering they already pay for internet for their home and phone. The 4G LTE feature doesn’t change that. So like you my thinking is if I ever need cellular data on the new iPad I’ll just buy one of those 4G hotspots, attach it to my wheelchair (where, just like my iPhone, I could plug it directly into my wheelchair battery so it never would need to be charged), and the problem would be solved.

    I should note that this is the first iPad I’ve actually purchased. The other one I had was given to me for an accessibility article I wrote and to figure out ways somebody like me could use it. I’ve figured out alot and learned alot since I got it in November of 2010. Enough to where the iPad has become a pretty vital part of my life. So I figure it’s time for me to take this wonderful device seriously and dive in fully. I’ve noticed my friend’s iPad 2’s perform significantly faster than my old one, which still works fine but clearly is pretty sluggish compared to the iPad 2 (and the iPad 3 obviously). So that problem will be solved. I also have been dealing with running out of space alot the last few months. Now there’s alot of ways to deal with that; some involving my iMac, some involving cloud storage like Dropbox and Box.net, and others involving things like the Wi-Fi hard drives you mentioned. But having 64GB will make things much easier for me to deal with this issue on my own without having to ask somebody for help. Plus it should allow me to be lazy and not have to worry about storage space. :-) All the other improvements are gravy although I suspect after using a “Retina Display” for awhile I’ll probably wonder how I ever managed without that as well. :-)

    Looking forward to it!

    • Yor, I would love to read a weekly “tips and tricks” article about the iPad (iOS) geared toward an assistive touch audience. I check your site every once in a while, but I have to be conscientious of it—so I often forget. If Siri could be activated through bluetooth or with a voice command (also BT optional) it would open up the device to everyone that doesn’t have the luxury of being able to lift an iPhone to their face or the mobility/coordination to press a button easily. That is my primary area of inquiry, not only for special needs, but for everyone that also gets calls while washing dished, making dinner, or otherwise has their hands full or too dirty (or non-conductive) to touch the phone. Frankly, I wish I could just keep my phone out of sight and control it through a discreet headset and have a option of BT/Airplay Mirroring in different form factors. Anyway, that’s a subject for another article.

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