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  1. Buyed one some days ago and almost fainted when I paired it with my iPhone 4: there was a high terrible background white noise. After struggling to avoid it (and repackaging everything) I tried a last time with my Mac and it worked pretty nice. The again with the iPhone and found that if you set the volume to max, the white noise disappears and the sound is now almost crystal clear.
    Seems a good piece of hardware. Time will say.

    • Thanks for mentioning this, I had forgotten that BT audio can be very noisy if the audio signal is not strong enough. I think this is probably a problem across the board with Bluetooth Transmitters, since I noticed the same problem with other devices. I have a Sony Bluertooth TX or RX box that you can plug in either a 3.5mm phone or optical cable if you use it as a transmitter. It sounds horrible using analog audio if I don’t turn up the volume on the input signal high enough — a high pitch screech of noise, just like you described. It seems the only good audio at lower volumes comes out of transmitters in computers. I do not know why this is, but it does not seem to be entirely the fault of the receiver, since the signal clears up by boosting the volume at the transmitter. (Although it could be the receivers erroneously amplifying the noise in an attempt to boost the audio to listenable levels, but lacking decent amplification and filtering in the electronics to make the amplification sound good.)

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    • Actually, it will last around 5 (maybe more), but not at full amplification. I usually test running things under a regular load or greater, not a miserly load that manufacturers tend to test under. With these I tend to crank them up, and make them the power faster because I like to listen at louder volumes. There are trade off: the batteries need to be cheap and light weight, but smaller batteries either have less capacity or they are made of more expensive Li-Ion components. The nice thing is the Kanex Aiublue can be charged while it is being used. So, an inexpensive monoprice battery in your pocket, and a mini-B USB cable plugged into it, will make it last all day. The only thing you sacrifice might be a little bit of fashion, unless you bling out your cable (or get one of those USB cables that glows) and compactness. Plus it is a bit more complicated. BTW: I have been meaning to write a review for the NoiseHush NS400, it lasts around 6 hours at full and sounds great.

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