All posts for the day September 18th, 2012

So, I read earlier between juggling stuff that Dice Holdings, the company that has been nice enough to give me a soapbox, bought Slashdot and other sites that I have perused, lurked and even participated in from time to time for over a decade. I figure they did it for my upcoming birthday, cause I always wanted a few nifty sites with millions of readers. Considering my birthday isn’t for an undisclosed time coming up, I assume they wanted sufficient time to find an appropriate gift box with 802.11ad connected gigabow antenna so my sites will be blowing smoke!

Sadly, many in the tech community in these places are used to this sort of thing, and distrust any acquisitions thanks to the horrible track record many companies have in turning acquired properties into hollow shells of their former self. I myself, have been treated pretty well, and I think they are getting used to my tongue-in-cheek posts chock full of nook and crannies of both observation and LULZ. Then again, I too am getting used to fitting in their preferred format. Although my experience certainly cannot be a good gauge of what will happen, I hope the former Geeknet sites (ThinkGeek being the only marketing email I actually look forward to getting) also have a net positive experience out of this.

I know the editorial staff has their hearts in the right place, so I am guessing the executive staff does as well. (Please execu-guys&gals, do not make me eat my words…) Now if you will excuse me, I am going to go look for an appropriate thank you card…