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After a good conference, badges are kind of like medals or trophies

Badges? We do need some stinkin’ badges. Gracias!

HTML5 is here in full swing. With portions of CSS3 reaching recommendation candidate status and ES6 coming, it is critical for web developers to continue to learn not only the new technologies, but also current best practices. Because I try to do the right thing, I went to the HTML5 Developer’s Conference in SF. My Editor was in town and we ended up meeting and while I was enthusiastically telling him about it, he asked me if I would write up an article for DiceNews about what I found.

That would be great, I said. So, I pounded out a quick one the next day. You can read the article by clicking this link you so desire.

Feel free to comment here or there. But please forgive my generalizations. I know people are making full use of animations, and other modern features, but many more are not. And yes, I realize sometimes a page refresh is desired too. With that said, enjoy.

When I was with AT&T my verbal confirmation password contained …“F*ck AT&T….” When I gave it to CSRs, some were offended , and a few stifled a laugh. Looks like a lot of people have a dependency-hate relationship with AT&T as well as other mobile carriers. It is either that or my password was noticed. And while I would love to think I single-handedly changed a massive corporations policy by clever/obscene use of a use case, I know better. Every few months someone comes to me asking, “What’s a good mobile provider?”
My answer is usually: they all suck in one way or another because they don’t care about any 1 customer. They’re all out to ream you & get you to the $100+/month tier.
Last time I was asked, the woman who asked me had a follow up question: “Then which one screws you the least?”
My answer: “It depends on what you need, and what you will tolerate.”
Often the word “lube” is in the conversation somewhere. For Conversation

People ask me why This article is spot on in the answer. Also, I do not invite people en masse. I selectively chose people that a interesting and might have something to say or insight. I have invited a Snarky Psychologist that taught me a lot when we were younger, a Charismatic and sharp EMT, a Wick smart and trustworthy Lawyer, a new smart and cool female coder, my best friend who is a beyond great guy and unparalleled genius, a Linux Kernal Dev, a smart young lady that sees things with wisdom beyond her years,  and a smart guy with almost no filter that is very much responsible for the chain of events that got into IT when he taught me the basics of Pagemaker last Century. Sadly, most do not see the need for “Yet Another Social Network.” The ones that have joined will recognize themselves. So, do not mistake my invite and my enthusiasm as spam.