All posts for the day April 9th, 2013

When I was with AT&T my verbal confirmation password contained …“F*ck AT&T….” When I gave it to CSRs, some were offended , and a few stifled a laugh. Looks like a lot of people have a dependency-hate relationship with AT&T as well as other mobile carriers. It is either that or my password was noticed. And while I would love to think I single-handedly changed a massive corporations policy by clever/obscene use of a use case, I know better. Every few months someone comes to me asking, “What’s a good mobile provider?”
My answer is usually: they all suck in one way or another because they don’t care about any 1 customer. They’re all out to ream you & get you to the $100+/month tier.
Last time I was asked, the woman who asked me had a follow up question: “Then which one screws you the least?”
My answer: “It depends on what you need, and what you will tolerate.”
Often the word “lube” is in the conversation somewhere.