All posts for the day June 13th, 2013

A while back I ended up on a newer friend’s shit list, unbeknownst to me. After a few days of short interactions or lack of interaction when possible, it was apparent that it wasn’t just a bad mood, but completely about something I did to upset this person. I did not know what I had done, so I had to backtrack to the place where I last saw the keys of friendship that I had lost.

The next opportunity I had to speak with this person, I asked if it was a case of me saying something offensive: Yes it was. It turns out I made a comment, completely intended as a joke, that was interpreted as something completely different. Upon discovering what the comment was, I was stumped as to why it was offensive. I asked, and as it turns out, the way the comment was interpreted touched upon a sore spot within this person’s past experiences. So, I apologized, having not meant it as anything but a joke, and told this person that it would not happen again now that I knew where the issue was. I asked if we were cool, and the reply was yes.

However, since then, any attempt to connect to hang out hasn’t received a reply. In short, I’m on their shit list. After 2 attempts at communication, I usually give up if someone doesn’t reply: I can take a hint. But it is sad I cannot tell this person my philosophy about how I handle people who have wronged me. It boils do to this:

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