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The problem with a lot of online and support options is knowledge base suffers from proximity bias. In addition to this, no one in the company tests their information architecture from a third party perspective. Since they know the exact terms, and have access to more detailed information,they never have to eat their own dog food.

While internal documents that tech support uses have step by step flowcharts of trouble shooting with a lot of detail and details exacting language, end users using the web site do not have access to the terminology. So often they must try searching multiple variations of terms to find the “magic words” to describe the problem to find the KB article that gives an answer.

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MFi-controllerOver a year ago when I found out about the MFi controller program that would allow manufacturers to create gaming controllers for iOS device, I was a bit excited. But after looking at the offerings, I decided to wait until the quality & price was in parity with other controllers on the market. Now, well over a year later, and I am still waiting.

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