All posts for the day March 1st, 2015

I read this article by Steve Rubenstein in SFGate today:

This post is an insult to anyone with enough intelligence to see through it. Before the first line of the article, the lack of proper title case, “S.F. history on view at Old Mint expo,” gives the reader a clue of how sloppy of an article Steve and his editor (or lack of an editor) saw fit to publish.

This is the first line: “They’re having something called a History Expo,”  but who is they? The reader has to wonder who did what, for paragraphs while Steve makes observations that would only be informative to someone without a brain “gaze at … objects from the past, which is when history took place.” Steve’s tone is just as unprofessional as his sloppy writing and smacks of someone that didn’t want the assignment in the first place. Instead of writing about the expo itself, which is what the title of the article suggests, what it really is, is an assassination piece from a PoV of someone that didn’t do any research at all before writing, and it shows.

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