All posts for the day June 16th, 2015

For years I have told people about Quality of Service (QoS) and how it relates to gaming, mostly in person or via chat. Often to help a fellow Clan Lord player iron out the cases where someone on their connection is watching video or their local network (usually a WiFi LAN) has maxed out its bandwidth.

I have been long meaning to write this out. But rather than reinvent the wheel, I found this well illustrated guide explaining QoS while trying to help yet another CL player understand how to fix his “someone watching Netflix is causing too much lag to play” syndrome.

Note: manufacturers call it various things: QoS, Port Priority, “Gamer class/grade”, even “Media Router” etc. It’s all basically the same thing: prioritizing ports to guarantee certain types of traffic is prioritized by port number to guaranty a certain level of quality of that service.