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Television programs, like music artists, have certain audiences they appeal to, and not everyone will like the an artist or show regardless of the quality of the end product. So, while I can’t say these are the best shows, or any more worthwhile than TV genres I usually avoid (reality TV shows), I can say, these are the shows I like. If you are wondering “why should I care what Noivad watches?” or under what “authority” I share this.

The quick answer is that I graduated with a degree in Broadcast & Electronic Communication (with a production emphasis)—so I know how to make the stuff. That’s not important nor enough reason for authority, but what it means is that quickly deconstructing television shows and movies is easy for me to look beyond the surface (which can be enough reason to watch in some cases) into the substance of a show. I can usually quickly spot potential, and shows with deeper layers or more suspense & less explored subject matter I tend to enjoy. Also, I try to watch all the new shows to see which ones aren’t rehashes of prior shows. (This means you probably won’t find “CSI: Spacepants” joining this line up anytime soon.)

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