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We started a new streaming radio endeavor on FCCFreeRadio. Our station’s site KCYX: Radio Kill is all about the show. We are currently on Hiatus. The first show had the classic “first show” gremlins all come out in series. The second week had a new batch of technical gremlins—but such is life with live shows & limited access to equipment. The first show focused on current music with a few throwbacks to early industrial. The total of six shows might be available still, but all that is up in the air at this point.

To not spam people not into the music, I will only post things about music we play or like on the KCYX Page — it also has push notifications. This is a joint-venture between me and a long time friend. We had guests  & plan to have more guests as well. So, check it out if you like music you won’t usually hear on terrestrial radio. The last show had ManifestiV stop in to talk about their tour & future releases.

Shows (should they continue) will play current electro/industrial/goth/darkwave/post-punk/etc. (basically the alternative music that was never labeled “alternative” in its day, but gracenote doesn’t recognize the genres by their actual names).

Thanks for reading.