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It’s been months since I published anything. I’ve written a lot of little bits here and tweeted there. But I just have had no inspiration to push something into the digital well for others to scoop up in a bucket, large or small and drink. Things are very different now. I’m tired, aching and a little sad. So, what is there better to do than write in your publicly accessible diary?
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I am fortunate. I am thankful, and I take responsibility for being where I am at any given point in time. I sat down to write something very different an this is what is coming out.

I (ADN) a new remote friend, @bojan, was inspired to write an article when we got on the subject of burnout. I was very curious as to his perspective. About a decade ago, I heard from a psychologist that many of her patients in Santa Clara that suffered from burnout where from one field: IT. I was surprised, truly surprised that this field of “smarter than the average bear” professionals would have such a high rate. But then I reflected on my own experience well over a decade ago with burning the candle at both ends and having my inner Scotty giving me more power to work 10,12 even 16 hour days at a great little start up, that still exists to this day.

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