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I had planned to have article 2 and a few others out by now. But technology is a cruel mistress. While fact checking my draft, I stumbled upon a media watch group that claims to be a grass roots group that tells the truth about what the media reports. They are so impartial that they call themselves Accuracy in Media. You would think a non-profit would take no sides in its evaluation of media stories, but the writing available on the site throws around loaded terms usually reserved for opinion pieces, not actual research.

Add to this when I went to their storefront, I saw a number of items available for one political party and not another. I am actually pretty disgusted that they have the gaul to have”Accuracy” in their name when they clearly have a bias.

So, I forgot about my draft and went digging. And the second I clicked a link on their site my computer crashed. It was clearly the bad PDF plugin that did it, and I can replicate it. So, like a good IT person, I submitted a bug report to my browser’s maker.

Then, I looked for my draft and I realized I made an “amateur” move. I was so wrapped up in evaluating while actually using a new word processor (I only intended to write an outline for the series I’m planning), that I failed to turn on the auto-save feature. I forgot that my original intent was to simply test out the software and switched to actual work without changing into a production mindset. I make the “forgot to save a draft” mistake so infrequently (about once a decade). And because my OS of choice is usually so stable, I’ve been lulled into a false sense of stability. (And no I am not using a .0 release of anything.)

So, while the last one (wordpress erroring out and destroying about 3 pages of text somehow) was not my fault. This one is, and for that I apologize to people waiting for the next entry into this series. Once again I am reminded of my (and others’) saying: “I don’t trust technology as far as I can throw it.”

“Oh well,” I say to myself, “maybe the next one will be written better since I warmed up my writing mode.” Once again, sorry for the delay.