Well, after they closed out my account last year, I’m back on LinkedIn. The reason my account was closed is simple: they deactivated my account when someone else’s DB was compromised and they thought my password might be the same as the other site. I refused to change my password, since it wasn’t the same as the other site. So, they said they wouldn’t let me back in to my account until I changed the password. I told them, “Fine, I won’t be logging in then.”

So, flash froward to a few months back and I’m applying for several positions and some of them allow LinkIn resumes — which would save me a lot of time, and allow people to see more than the small glimpse that fits on one page.

So, I’m back, and updating my profile. I talked to a friend who pretty much reviews resumés all the time. And she gave me some advice that doesn’t fit on one page. So, I listed all the things I could think of that I’ve done as skills.

So, if you’re reading this from LinkedIn. Welcome. Ignore all the posts about cats! ;)