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Dear all you great companies making awesome products,

For most of you, I like to be informed of new products, and some I already bought your product and really don’t NEED to know about promos for gadgets & software I already have. So, If I were running the communications for the company, I would do what I have done on my blog, but better. Read on for my idea of how to make the most of your communications.

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I would advise anyone to steer clear of this Ultimate Hoodie Microfleece sale (and probably ScottEVest), considering the problems I have had with both the manufacturing quality and the customer support. As of this morning I started an inquiry with customer service on the 26th of last month (3 weeks ago today) that is still unresolved. Too bad considering I really liked the first Ultimate Hoodie Microfleece I bought: too bad it started falling apart less than 3 months in daily use.

Read more about why I am avoiding ScootEVest following this link:

My Timbuk2 Bag? I Wish! {Eventually}

Timbuk2 is having a sale the next few days. I am not a shill for Timbuk2: I have received no compensation in any form for this unsolicited positive story about the company and its employees. The following story is why you might want to head on over to their site if you are looking for a durable bag or case for anything including laptops and tablets made by a company that stands behind their products with employees that treat people like people and not sales targets.

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