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Did I already write and publish my axiom about Tech pundits? If not, it goes something like this:

The minute a tech pundit starts dismissing new technology, they lose touch of their field and lose relevancy.

I’ve always followed the “Evolve or Die” axiom, and try to learn one new thing a year. So, often I touch on those that say, “I can’t” or “This (insert new technology) won’t work” and hold them up as examples of how defeatist attitudes can’t accomplish anything truly worthwhile because they’ve given up and proclaimed failure before actually trying.

So, in relation to this entry, a tech journalist online-friend of mine frequently tweets about her site’s latest article. Last night I had the honor to read why the as-of-yet-unannounced iTV (Apple’s rumored iOS based television set, and the natural evolution of AppleTV and iOS) will have an unworkable or unreliable Siri/Gesture based interface, by Aaron Kraus. Luckily (since it was getting late), or unluckily, I only had a 140 character rebuttal to work with. But now that I have the time, a proper response is in order. Here’s why and how this guy got it “oh so wrong.”

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