All posts tagged Amazon might look like just another social service to some. And, in fact, it currently looks very much like Twitter was when it started: It is just a lot of tech-savvy people talking freely and enthusiastically about and whatever strikes their fancy: No celebrities promoting themselves, no ad-spam, no fake users, no incredibly stupid posts—although there are some stupid posts, there’s no one stupid enough to post public calls to kill government officials as one woman who has disappeared did. is just a lot of signal with very low noise.

I get at least a few invites each month to join a new SoNet. The invites usually get a tossed into the trash almost immediately. Few get me to look at the site. But that’s usually it. Even if I do sign up the to site, I often let it languish and simply forget about it until they start spamming me to use their site, “log in with…” or want me to link my other SoNets to it.

Paying not to Share but Selectively Share is 180° away from ll of these sites though, because their interests align with my interests:

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I get into conversations about technology all the time, even when I’m not expecting to. But these days everyone has some sort of computer disguised as a mobile device. I’m a staunch advocate of full disclosure, so I’ll prefix this by saying I’m not getting compensated in any way to say anything pro or con about any company mentioned here. This was the conversation that broke out with someone who has no horses in the race as well. The person on the other end chose a Blackberry over Android and iOS.  The only alterations to the following screen shots is the removal of any names. The new Amazon Kindle Fire is out now and it’s getting pretty decent reviews. But when you talk frankly with people they tend to give their real opinion. Read on to see what the real reaction is and what everyone is too polite to say:

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