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I would advise anyone to steer clear of this Ultimate Hoodie Microfleece sale (and probably ScottEVest), considering the problems I have had with both the manufacturing quality and the customer support. As of this morning I started an inquiry with customer service on the 26th of last month (3 weeks ago today) that is still unresolved. Too bad considering I really liked the first Ultimate Hoodie Microfleece I bought: too bad it started falling apart less than 3 months in daily use.

Read more about why I am avoiding ScootEVest following this link:

Well 2013 is here and either we are just the holographic debris on an event horizon of a black hole, or reality is relative. I wouldn’t have minded being the Mayan Calendar maker who made the last calendar, because then when finished, and asked …

King: “What happens when we reach the end of thew calendar? This think will not work after that.”

Mayan Calendar Maker: “By then I hope we are using a better system.”

King:“But you said your system was great?”

Mayan Calendar Maker: “There is always room for improvement.”

With that said, (as I actually said when someone asked me about databases I created in the mid 1990s about Mac OS’s Unix calendar running out in 2038) I wanted to write about a few things, but a project has been eating time like the Cookie Monster with a box of chocolate chip cookies. (Cookie & Count were always my favorite.)

So, I will mash up a few things, left and right… Read of to find out about a new Bluetooth audio headset, a product warning, and whatever else comes out in this unedited memory dump:

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