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In response from messages from readers who are a bit perturbed by the 3rd party ads interfering with the content of this blog, I am trying a new blogging service called The fees for a paid account are reasonable,  there are no ads. and I own my content. The appeal is triple-fold thus far. However, if I jump ship, I thought I would let people know why this move is necessary despite the very widespread exposure on WordPresses’ network of Blogs. First off. Not every page needs an Advertisement, and more importantly, when it is wrapped in an little pop up animation, it is disrespectful of the reader because of yet another thing vying of their attention. We are distracted enough these days. When I write, I tend to turn on my Noisehush NS400s I reviewed last week, and blast music.

Right now it is blasting my favorite Beatles Song, While My Guitar Gently Weeps in all its lossless glory that I ripped in iTunes 10.7. (FYI, iTunes is currently at version 11.0.4.) While I distracted myself to make sure George Harrison Wrote that song, Love & Rockets’ Here Comes the Comedown is up… ah distractions (kinda’)…

But as one of the lines I read for a character I played in an animation based on the best Social RPG ever (that I highly do not recommend), “But I digress….”


Usually I would have a break here, but. not his time. It is time to switch over to 10C! for the rest of this article… See you there.

I sat in my virtual town for a while today while I read the Sentinel. After about half an hour, we had 3 or 4 people on for a “quick trip.” As we ventured deeper into the glenn, more and more people started coming on, so we invited them as the logged on. We ended up with about 10 people in our party going to the Mountain Glen. It was funny considering when I logged on at about 3PM (Pacific) there were barely 10 people on.


We started really strong — the party consisted of Noivad, Geo, Tafari, Shadowfire, Nyla, Quinix for fighters and Hex, Tsune, Aelyse and Veer for healers. With 4 upper level fighters and 3 upper level healers we easily made it to the main boss with no only one close call.

I then made the mistake of entering the bosses lair without unequipping my weapon. I got pulled into a few fairly strong creatures that damaged me enough so that running out, luck hits, the pull of the boss and such made me fall. I thought “no biggy, the party will just have to do without me. I’ll wait here calmly, and let them know to lure and get me.” But before I could fire up ICQ, Geo came in and fell trying to chain me. :( So, that left our party without pathfinders to let the party out in case of trouble. And trouble there was. No one filled me in on the details, but with no PF and things auto-luring from the bosses snell, the party was doomed. The hunt ended in tragedy when a few poor strategic and tactical decisions got everyone killed. In the future pathfinders need to stay in reserve just in case the party needs to retreat.

Luckily no one was upset, and everyone decided to depart. After I was invited to hit the Barrens and Mausoleum, but my battery was going to be dead soon, and it was cold outside the cafe. So, I logged off and reflected on my adventures. I realized even after all these years CL can deliver some decent amount of excitement with the right crew and the right challenge.

This dead horse just keeps running. Although the same can’t be said for the party that went to the Glen today.